I See You

I see you In moments when you lay bare your Mind, body and soul When I know you, yet I don’t, You – stripped off layers and layers of Sorrow and joy, Love and unrequited love Conflicts between living your dream And living your reality; Scars from battles beneath your skin Glare at me; smile … More I See You


In this land, Where blues of melancholy blend seamlessly With golden waters, As the sun sets on yet another Day of shackled existence; My lungs fill with Sicksweetness; Saffron and Blood. I have failed you, Paradise!


My vagabond heart washed upon your shore And lay there for days and weeks and years; My lost home taking its last hopeful breaths, shedding its feathers One by one by one; Will it be a phoenix rising from the ashes? Or will it burn by a half and leave the other Pressing on my … More Vagabond


As a child, home to me was a static space Of red bricks and moss covered doors So tall that my button eyes struggled to see their tips; Of coconut trees romancing thunderstorms And my face cupped in little hands; Humming and writing and humming, Poetry and music – their love child; Home was my … More Home

The Last Wish

The cold bath in the morning triggered nothing; I did not shiver, I did not cry, Perhaps, I did not even blink. They walked me to the doorstep of the end, Where I would be silenced forever; Those were moments of mindfulness, as I walked; I could feel the icy floor pierce the soles of … More The Last Wish