In every breath of mine,

I have held you in joy and agony alike;

Every time I closed my eyes,

With wrinkled lids and trembling lashes,

I dreamed a dream

Of you and me, Forever!

I have owned you, darling,

In my innocent aspirations and childlike desires;

In my brutal vulnerability,

And, in love’s destruction of my soul!

In a world that I call my own,

We have danced, arm in arm,

To beats of thunder, beneath pouring heavens;

And savoured the sweetness of wet mud;

We have soaked our feet in sand,

And resisted the might of magnanimous waves,

As they tried to sweep us off our feet;

We shook a little, but didn’t fall;

Our love, Oh! So strong!

I have held you in my smile, at the sight of a fresh rose,

And in my amusement at the enormity of the night sky;

I have owned you in the bliss of solitude,

And lived a million lives, in a world that I call my own;

I have loved a mysterious love, my darling!

Alas! You might have never known.