Something of Nothing

Today I’m writing for no particular reason. It is strange how at times when life appears like a walk down a foggy street, writing can act like a ray of sunlight that cuts through the haze and brings clarity and many a times, even a fresh perspective. When silence can pierce that little thing beating against your chest, writing silences confused voices in your head, cleansing and consoling your being. It is a friend without complaints or demands, one who’s just there so that you can pour your soul right onto that piece of paper lying in front of you.

Therefore, today when I’m unable to keep up with the flow of emotions within, when I cannot comprehend my feelings; today when I’m failing to understand my own self, I have decided to come and say hello to my dearest friends – my pen that has been bored for quite some time now, and my diary with which I haven’t had a hearty laugh in what feels like ages.

“Hello there!”




I look at the nib gently forming words on the sheets. I’m relieved. I feel light; just as it is after a warm hug from Ma. I don’t really know where this is going. I think writing need not always be profound or preachy or about ‘Something’. ‘Something’ is commonplace, isn’t it? Everything is about ‘Something’. Wouldn’t it be nice if ‘Everything’ could be about ‘Nothing’? ‘Nothing’ feels light and warm. It isn’t coloured by perceptions or bogged down by expectations. It liberates you from ‘Something’ and leaves you to yourself. You are ‘Nothing’.

Being ‘Nothing’ is different and in Frost’s words – the path less travelled by – if you may. I cannot speak for everyone but for myself that since the time this world greeted me into existence, and every year hence, I have always resolved to be ‘Something’.

But this New Year, I resolve to be ‘Nothing’. Hopefully ‘Something’ would be made of it.

May 2015 bring love and luck to all!



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