A Search

The path that I took in search of it,
The winding road leading to sunbathed peaks;
Giants who held me close to their breasts,
At once breaking the shackles that bound my limbs;
A wild run against the wind,
At once setting me free.

On a path trodden often,
Seldom travelled by;
The heart that beat against my chest, desperate to fly away;
Overcome by an unknown zest, to find treasure that lay hidden;
Amidst the giants who held me close to their breasts.

A step at a time, then a little more;
Walking toward the unknown;
Hope by my side, steady as a rock;
Knots untied, dirt washed away;
Making way for the dust of peace,
To settle on my torso as I ran against the wind;
The run of freedom!

The road I traversed, a long and winding one;
An end that would never come;
A sigh, a laugh;
Shackles broken, heart stolen,
Resting in mother’s embrace;
A soul that breathed in peace,
Amidst sun kissed peaks;
In apparent loss, a divine gain;
Treasure was found;
I called it Silence.



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