Let’s run away to the mountains, Let’s run away, For you and I, In the cradle of love to lie, A world bound by time, behind us; To dream of the undiscovered, To discover the unknown, A walk to eternity, Savouring wind’s rhyme; To rest on your shoulder, To hear your heart beat, Arm in … More Escapade

A Search

The path that I took in search of it, The winding road leading to sunbathed peaks; Giants who held me close to their breasts, At once breaking the shackles that bound my limbs; A wild run against the wind, At once setting me free. On a path trodden often, Seldom travelled by; The heart that … More A Search

The Letter

“For God’s sake, hold your tongue and let me love……” Godhuli closed her book, carefully marking the page at which she left. It was six in the evening; she had been reading since noon. In those hours, she travelled with Amit Ray to Shillong, met Labonno, saw them falling in love and with them, she … More The Letter