In this land, Where blues of melancholy blend seamlessly With golden waters, As the sun sets on yet another Day of shackled existence; My lungs fill with Sicksweetness; Saffron and Blood. I have failed you, Paradise! Advertisements


My vagabond heart washed upon your shore And lay there for days and weeks and years; My lost home taking its last hopeful breaths, shedding its feathers One by one by one; Will it be a phoenix rising from the ashes? Or will it burn by a half and leave the other Pressing on my … More Vagabond


When you leave, Weeks, maybe months from now; I will hold you Till our fingertips slip off Each other’s; And wonder if there ever was An Us; Because if there was, baby, There will be no wait any sweeter, For even a thousand miles apart When our hearts beat, There will be a little bit … More Departure